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Salt and Light

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Lake Galilee, AD 30, and in the little fishing community of Capernaum, something is in the air. A radical new teacher is walking the shores and rumours of miracles and healings abound. Who is this man? Can they believe in him? If they can’t, can they believe in what he does? And what does it all mean for them and their lives?Join us around the campfire for shanties, stories and spoken word – the tales of the first disciples.

Salt and Light is coming to St Mary's Church, Clitheroe, on Friday 29th September, 7pm. 

Lamps Collective is a group of professional writers, actors, and musicians whose Christian faith underpins their lives and work. The performance is completely free, as a gift to the town from Clitheroe Christians in Partnership and local churches. It's suitable for all aged 10 and over.

Refreshments will be served after the performance, and there will also be an opportunity to meet the actors.

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