Hampers for Keyworkers

The aim of this project is to send a message of appreciation, hope and encouragement to those in our community who have been working tirelessly on the ‘front line’ over the last year. Due to the scale of the project, it is proposed that hampers will be delivered in three phases.

Update 10th March 2021


Thanks to the generosity of individuals and churches I am delighted to be able to tell you that the whole project is now fully funded.


The second phase of the project has now been completed. This was the largest phase - a total of sixteen hampers have been sent to the schools in our community.


We have received some lovely responses:


"Such a lovely gesture, thank you to all for thinking of us, the hamper is a huge hit with our staff. Whilst it is absolutely lovely to hear a noisy school once more, it is also a little daunting, so the prayers are very much appreciated too."


"A huge thank you to all the local churches for the wonderful hampers! They were very much appreciated and utterly devoured"


We are now at the final phase of the project, which is dedicated to our community services and nominated key workers. We’ll be preparing hampers for the Post Office, the recycling centre, council workers, school crossing patrol officers, plus an additional hamper to bless the staff at The Grand. Alongside this, we will be making up individual hampers to give to key workers nominated by churches in Clitheroe.


Thank you all for your generosity and kindness.